Our Story


As a retired security guard, I found my second act in the entrepreneurial world challenging but ultimately rewarding. Initially, I launched a traditional service business. It wasn’t long before the demands on my time and wallet prompted me to seek alternatives. That’s when I turned to the digital landscape, exploring opportunities that could offer both freedom and financial returns.

My journey led me to affiliate marketing and decentralized finance (DeFi)—fields ripe with potential but requiring a steep learning curve. The investment in learning paid off. Leveraging AI tools streamlined operations to such an extent that I was spending only a few hours each month on management. This shift allowed me to earn passive income, truly making money while I slept.

At Consigliere Nomade, we understand the allure of digital entrepreneurship and the hurdles it entails. Our mission is to guide you through these complexities, showing you the strategies that helped me transform my work life. Let us help you achieve the freedom and success that the digital economy can offer.

Mission & Values

At Consigliere Nomade, our mission is straightforward: we aim to empower individuals to earn a living in a way that doesn’t monopolize their time. We recognize that life is fleeting, and it’s vital that everyone has the opportunity to spend it pursuing what truly matters to them. Our approach is designed to teach you how to harness digital opportunities that provide not just financial independence, but also the freedom to live life on your own terms. Let us show you how to create a sustainable income stream that supports your life’s purpose, not the other way around.

Future Plans

At Consigliere Nomade, our vision extends beyond individual success. We plan to cultivate a select community of digital entrepreneurs who thrive together in today’s dynamic online landscape. This exclusive group will consist of individuals who are not only successful but also deeply understand the nuances of prospering in the digital domain.

Our commitment to nurturing this community includes organizing meetups throughout the year to foster continuous growth and collaboration. Additionally, we aim to host an annual retreat, fully funded by Consigliere Nomade, where members can unwind, network, and rejuvenate. These gatherings will take place in stunning, exotic locations across the globe, offering a perfect blend of relaxation and inspiration. This is more than just a reward; it’s a crucial part of maintaining balance and encouraging creative flow within our tight-knit group.

Leadership Team