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Our creed is simple:

-Control Your Land - By taking control of your physical assets and investments, you can build a secure and prosperous future for yourself and your family.
-Control Your Income - Maximize your income potential by taking ownership of your career, investing in yourself, and diversifying your sources of revenue.
-Control Your Bank - By building financial security with a hardware wallet, you can protect yourself from risks associated with traditional banking methods and remain in full control of your funds when banks & governments fail.


Unlock the knowledge you need to start building towards your financial future! Our resources provide insight into everything from real estate transactions, budgeting smartly and even economic news analysis. Take control of your finances today with helpful tips designed to help you save money strategically and invest wisely – so you can make informed decisions for a better tomorrow.


At our core, we're dedicated to helping people liberate themselves from financial oppression and reclaim the power of their finances. We offer a proactive services that create a clear path toward economic independence, enabling individuals to build stability and prosperity for themselves and those around them. With our real estate expertise as well as innovative blockchain technology, we are your trusted allies on the journey towards long-term security!

Digital Products
Digital Products

Take the leap to success with our digital products! Our e-books, online courses, webinars and more are here to unlock your potential. Whether you want financial freedom or personal growth goals –with us by your side -you can take back control of your life and accomplish amazing things. Embrace this exciting journey now!


"We are passionate about empowering people to brake free from financial oppression that our society is suffering from."


"Free you from financial oppression"

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We Provide Exclusive Tailored Solutions for Clients

People love our unique approach to their needs. Our experience has taught us that everyone has a different financial situation with minor similarities. This is the reason Consigliere Nomade exists. We help individuals improve their quality of life by creating financial independence with physical and digital real estate.

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